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woman looking across river correlates to woman business owner and the name Buffalo Creek.

Buffalo Creek Designs

Buffalo Creek is one of the Best Web Designers in Roanoke according to Expertise.


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Website Design

Buffalo Creek Designs specializes in Author Websites and Small Business Websites. I create customized designs for your internet home.

the Designer

Hello! Welcome to Buffalo Creek Designs. I am Michelle Gill, the website designer. I have been creating websites for over nine years. Currently, I am a Wix professional designer.

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Michelle Gill, web designer, at her desk
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Buffalo Creek presents She Travels Virginia.  I along with my clients, who are published authors, share our travel stories, family memories, books they have written, foods they have discovered traveling, and more. It's a fun and eclectic collection of stories.

I also introduce creatives, authors, chefs, and others that I find in my travels that may be of interest to you. There are some great Virginia travel recommends so enjoy reading our blog!

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