Working on Computer

What to Expect...

1    Conversation via phone or email about what your needs and ideas are for your website.

2    I email you a recap and estimate with a start date.

3    You agree. That email agreement is our contract

4    You receive an invoice for half up front as a retainer.

5    I send you a list of items, logins, and content to send me. (Expect more questions as I get into the build.)

6    I build the base for your site and send you a first look. Do not go into your Wix account and try to see what your website is becoming because I may change my mind or start a new site. I will send you a first look when I have decided what is right for your site.

7    You email me a list of edits, additions, and deletions.

8    We will have a conversation about how to use your site, suggestions I may have, and what else you feel that you need.

9    Once the site is completed and you love your new website then you will receive your last invoice. 

10   Any questions or tweaks following the completion are free. I am always available. Any page additions or new creations, I charge by the hour. I also offer a plan for maintenance if you know that you will be needing help each month. 

11   I will post your new site on my social media and website. I will send you links to review my work. Most of my work comes from referrals so I always appreciate good reviews and maintaining great relationships with my clients.


  • You must email content. I keep emails as records of the process. I do not mind calls or texts but not for content of your website.

  • Get professional photos taken of product, headshots, or any photos that you require for your website. Websites are visual and you need quality photographs. I can pull photographs from my database options for backgrounds, headers, etc. so you do not need to provide all photographs.

  • Please use Google Drive to share photographs with me and label them.

*Buffalo Creek Designs/Michelle Gill is not responsible for sales of your product.