Psalm 68

Sometimes I stay in a chapter or verse day after day and can't seem to leave it. Psalm 68 has been one of those chapters lately. I love to "see" God and I don't think that we will ever see all that He is. There is always more.

In this chapter, David says that God rides on the clouds, marched through the desert, rides in the heavens, thunders. Amazing. I take it all literally and I try to imagine what it looks like - God marching through the desert ahead of me.

I especially like verses seven through ten. God marched through the desert before His people, Israel. In response to Him the earth trembled and the sky poured rain. Through the rain He revived them. David says "Your people settled in it." I see myself being taken care of, God providing what I need when I think all is lost or am wandering in the desert. He revives me and I settle in - settle in the security that He has provided for me and will in the future. I see myself snuggling into that - snuggling in to Him.

Spurgeon stated that this chapter is a hymn sung in the moving of the Ark of the Covenant. I am sure there are so many historical nuances mentioned throughout this psalm. To me, it shows me more of Him and Who He is and what He is like. Some day I hope that He lets me ride the clouds with Him. I have a feeling, He will.

Michelle Gill is a website designer, barista, trail walker sometimes runner, disc golfer's wife, Jesus lover, book collector, mama, old house explorer.


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