Isn't it easy to give in to the logic of the world? Even Christian philosophy seems to be so gray - a blend of the light and dark.

But I am reminded of Egypt when the plague of darkness came. In the home of God's people there was light. Even though there was total darkness everywhere else, there was light in the Israelites' homes.

I was reading in Isaiah 60 this morning. Isaiah states there is darkness all over the world but "arise, shine" because His light is all over you. Also in John 1, John refers to Jesus as the light. The darkness cannot overcome Him. He is light. There are so many references to light in the Bible.

What does this say to me today? One, I do not need to fear the darkness because I have the light. Two, nor do I need to cove the light because the world and the church is currently in favor of gray.

Gray tones down everything. He is Light. If you truly are a disciple of His, arise, shine!

I also read this morning in the book of John about Jesus walking into the temple and there were all the vendors selling the items that were needed for sacrifice. He cleaned them all out of the temple and said, "No, you're not making money off Truth." It is still going on today, isn't it?

Here's my take away, don't be afraid of the dark. Don't be afraid to be in the light. There is no gray in His Kingdom. "Then you will see and be radiant." Is. 61:5

Michelle Gill is a website designer, barista, trail walker sometimes runner, disc golfer's wife, Jesus lover, book collector, mama, old house explorer.

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