Introducing M.E. Roche, author

While the product of a Midwest upbringing, M. E. Roche lived and worked on both coasts as well as in Ireland. As a registered nurse, she had the opportunity to work in many facets of nursing, and although retired, she continues to volunteer and enjoy working at a neighborhood clinic.

One of the first things her family did in moving to a new town, was to see that each member of the family got a new library card. She is a life-long reader and her favorite books have always been the mysteries---the new and the classics. Like many writers, Roche thought of writing for many years before finally sitting down and doing so. Her first novels were an attempt to show young readers what nursing was like today, as there didn’t appear to be anything out there beyond those series of the 50’s and 60’s. This resulted in her first three young adult novels.

At that point she decided to take Nora further into adulthood with a new mystery series for adults, beginning with The South Spit Murders, followed by her newest novel, A Haunting on Dunbar Lane. In this series Nora has the somewhat enviable opportunity to merge her talents for that of nursing with those of law enforcement.