Downtown Roanoke Murals

Golden Cactus Brewing on Salem Avenue

206 Williamson Road (Who is the artist?)

Salem Avenue at Big Lick Brewery, Artist James Bullough of Berlin

James Bullough >

4th Street and Elm Avenue

The Great Heron in Wasena, Artist Toobz (Scott Noel)
  • Mosaics at the Market Building - Cheryl Foster

  • Around Taubman - "Everyone Wants to Love Their Mark" by Mickael Broth

  • & "In It for the Long Run" by Toobz

  • First Street alley by Toobz

  • 581 Overpass pylons by Brenda Mauney Councill

  • Western Virginia Water Authority mural by Ashley Roop


  • Wasena Bridge - "Beautiful View" by Jared Bader of Philadelphia

  • Main Street Bridge in Wasena

  • Maurice's Mockingbird Mural by Toobz


Roanoke Art extras...

Stormdrain Inlet Art Project information >

Roanoke's Art by Night >

Another awesome mural has just been added to the Greenway.

Artist: Jon Murrill (painted with the help of volunteers)


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