Clients with Supporters:

As a Director, Associate Director, Fundraiser, and Event Planner with non-profits for 8 years and a former member of the National Society of Fundraising Executives, I consistently heard, "I would love to give but I need to know where my money goes". Now as a Website Designer, I work with clients who have a non-profit organization with a cause or a business with a mission and they have their community behind them and want to help. I have set up this system so that those benefactors/supporters can pay a portion or the full amount of their Website Design costs.


A Website is a place to share their story across the nation and the world. It is a place to connect to others that need their services and those that want to be part of their mission. 

  • Simply click the Donate button below.

  • You will be taken to a screen where you can type in the amount you want to pay and choose Paypal or Debit/Credit Card

  • Next there will be a box that says "Write a note optional" below the amount. Please type in the name of my Client whose account you are paying into.


100% of the payment will go into the client's account. A copy of the receipt will be sent to both you and the client by Buffalo Creek Designs showing payment.

Any questions, feel free to contact Michelle Gill at or (540)494-9220.

*It is up to my client to provide you with their non-profit status if this payment is to be used as a donation for tax purposes.

Designer's Desk

Monthly Website Maintenance Subscription

(includes 1 hour of updates and tutorials)